Why CytoSense?

Why CytoSense is an unique instrument (video)!

CytoSense is for buoy applications only.

Wrong! The instruments builder company name is CytoBuoy, but they sell more than 90% laboratory equipment like the CytoSense benchtop flowcytometer

I want images, not a CytoSense flowcytometer

Very wrong! The CytoSense has an image camera inside making thousands of images from small particles (1 micron) to large particles (up to 800 micron in diameter, mm in length). Images are of high quality due to new optics and smart digital electronics. Maybe better to call this instrument a CytoImageSense?

Other companies have a species library

Wrong! If companies tell you that they have species libraries for you, don’t believe you can use that without any research. It is never only plug and play. It is even better to setup this library yourself, because it will contain your regional species.

Other instruments have a high dynamic size range too

Wrong! A CytoSense has a size range from 0,1 micron to 800 micron (diameter, mm in length). Other instruments don’t have such a wide size range without changing optics or cuvettes.

A CytoSense is an usual flowcytometer

Wrong! It is a flowcytometer but with an unusual large size range (and as mentioned above also a particle imager). It also stores whole particle signals, which is unique in the world of flowcytometry. Whole signals contain more specific particle information.

A CytoSense is difficult to use

Wrong! The instrument can be set in an automated mode (LIVE mode) doing the analyses full automatically in combination with EasyClus software for data analysis. Beside that there is a team of experts and users helping you to achieve what you want.

I am not interested in phytoplankton?

Realize that a CytoSense measures any suspended particle, not only phytoplankton. Suspended matter, turbidity, particle sizes, microplastics* and even flocks of particles-debris in (natural) water are measured! (*MP’s are detected but not easy to discriminate from other particles, subject under research)