Is phytoplankton monitoring by flowcytometry something you (would like to) apply for water monitoring? If so, look in this video : Phytoplankton monitoring and flowcytometry

What is flowcytometry? That is explained in this video : What is flowcytometry?

Do you need information about algae (counts, type, biodiversity) in water, but also about turbidity and chlorophyll and more? Do you have a lot of cytometric data and do you need automated tools to extract the right information out of data. Would you like to present water monitoring results on the internet just a few seconds after (online) water analysis? I can help you with that!

I can solve your practical and scientific questions, based on many years of experience in the field of flowcytometry for phytoplankton monitoring. I developed EasyClus software especially made for flowcytometric data to analyze datafiles automatically, objectively and very fast from a rough level (biomass, counts, size distribution) to a detailed species level resulting in several bioindicators. The ‘LIVE’ module enables near real time data analysis and reportage of results to the internet.

I help you with implementing flow cytometry for algae detection, giving you advise to improve the analyses and/or to get more information out of your instrument. I provide EasyClus and train you how to handle the large amount of data and to extract the information you are waiting for. Custom made applications answering your specific questions are also developed.

It is all about the sharing of knowledge all around the world and continuously working on improvement and innovation!

You are interested? Look in the EasyClus tab on this website for more information or look at the website or contact me!