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Thomas Rutten has a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Eindhoven (The Netherlands) specialized in Analytical Chemistry. He worked for the Ministery of Transport, Public Works and Water Management at the National Institute of Coastal and Marine Management (Rijkswaterstaat). He was a project leader in research and development at the marine laboratory. Furthermore Thomas Rutten was head of the marine laboratory in Middelburg. He took many classes in e.g. change management, auditing, quality assurance and personal development.

As project leader R&D, Thomas Rutten worked in the wide range of (marine) water quality. Examples of newly applied methods are in the field of water tracing, the usefullness of biological effect monitoring, the use of in situ or stand alone instruments, the monitoring data processing using specialised software such as MatlabŪ. Above all, the research on phytoplankton monitoring by flow cytometry.

As head of the laboratory, he was involved with the management of the production and research facilities of the Rijkswaterstaat laboratory during a reorganization. Thomas Rutten stimulates professionality in units, where people are working as colleagues, take their responsibilies and constantly improve themselves.

Anything else? TR Projects means that I am involved in other types of projects too, e.g. the writing and publishing of two children’s books or the development of websites for small companies.  

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