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How I work

If you are interested in detecting algae/ phytoplankton monitoring by flow cytometry but there are a lot of questions left, you can contact me. We will evaluate with each other what is done up to now, discuss results and evaluate how to go on. My goal is to advise you honestly what can be done with flowcytometry and what not. What do you want to know and how to reach that without trying to sell a technique. Together we improve the quality of the analyses, we improve the data quality, we improve the results and we decrease the time needed to do the whole job.

In case you (want to) have EasyClus software, I give courses in a small group or  by person at your location or elsewhere. This course is not only software training, but also to get better understanding of flow cytometry in general.

Setting up a project in water monitoring including flow cytometry? We will study together how to setup this project, who should be involved and what is needed to make the project unique, innovative and succesfull.

In case you don't want to spend time in data processing, we evaluate what you need and  after that you simply transfers data files to Thomas Rutten Projects for data analysis and direct reportage of results on the internet.

The keyword of how I work is sharing the knowledge within the network of water monitoring partners and instances, the continuous innovation of software and hardware and the direct contact with instrumentation builders.

How I work
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