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Thomas Rutten Projects Data Centre is launched. Customers do not perform the time consuming data analyses themselves but leave it to TRP Data Centre by automatically uploading data files of their instrument followed by 
immediately processing and reporting.

Cooperation started with CytoBuoy in the Netherlands. This firm is the manufacturer of the CytoSense-CytoSub, the only flowcytometers in the world, which are able to analyse the small as well as large cells. This firm is also distributor of EasyClus. The cooperation is focused on the improvement of their instruments, evaluation and innovation and to achieve the best products for customers.

Dymaphy project (Interreg) finished with Dutch, French and English partners, resulting in an integrated approach for microbial population monitoring by
automated and techniques.

Cooperation started with Zealquest in China. This firm is distributor of many water monitoring instruments in China and also EasyClus software.

Launch of 'LIVE' online flowcytometry, data processing and real time reportage to a website of phytoplankton monitoring in the river Meuse at Eijsden (The Netherlands).

Cooperation with several universities, research institutes and companies (Rijkswaterstaat Netherlands, CEFAS, University of Lille ULCO, NIOZ, VLIZ, CytoBuoy and many more.

Several courses on flowcytometry and the use EasyClus.

EasyClus software for fast, automated, objective and intelligent data processing. Several clustering methods are used as well as other tools to extract information out of FCM data.

Release of children's books.

Start of the company in 2009.

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